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New Music: 
Why only play what we know and understand? Better look forward and encounter new things. How thrilling if we do not understand. And what a galaxy of new names: Francesconi, Coll, Turnage, Sanchez-Chiong, Gervasoni, Movio, Hersch, Karajev, Salonen, Eötvös, Holliger, van der Aa, Illes, Cattaneo... 
Musical partners and friendships:  
The partners on stage are by far the most important determinant for a satisfying outcome. I have the privilege of long term collaborations with pianists Joonas AhonenMarkus Hinterhäuser, Polina Leschenko, Antony Romaniuk and Fazil Say, gamba player Laurence Dreyfus, cellists Sol Gabetta and Jay Campbell, clarinetist Reto Bieri and the singers Ah Young and Anna-Maria Pammer, with the conductors Giovanni Antonini, Teodor CurrentzisPéter Eötvös, Iván Fischer, Gustavo Gimeno, Mirga Gražinytė-Tyla, Heinz Holliger, Kirill Petrenko, Sir Simon Rattle, François-Xavier Roth and many others. 
Staged productions:
Projects can be adapted to budget, venue and ensemble. Other projects in preparation: 
New: "The Kreutzer Sonata"
"Maria Mater Meretrix" (2019)
"Death and the Maiden" (from 2015)
"Bye-Bye Beethoven" (2016)
"Time and Eternity" (2018)
"War and Chips" (2018)
"Dies irae" (2017)
"Whats next Vivaldi?" (2018)
"Pierrot lunaire" (from 2018)
"Cricket and Ant" (2016)
"Farewell" (2018)
"Mysteries of Humour" (2019)
"Les Adieux" (2022)
"The seven last words" (2022)
"Vergeigt" (2023)
"The Trout - music for the planet" (2023)


Voice - challenge for a violinist 
Ligeti: "Mysteries of the Macabre"
Schönberg: "Pierrot lunaire" 
Schwitters: Ursonate
Works by Zykan, Jorge Sanchez-Chiong, Michael Hersch and Francisco Coll...

Solo Recitals:  

Works by Honegger, PatKop, Berio, Bach, Francesconi, Sciarrino, Lachenmann 

Leading orchestras:
Mahler Chamber Orchestra, Camerata Salzburg, Saint Paul  Chamber Orchestra, Australian Chamber  Orchestra, Lucerne Festival Alumni, Britten Sinfonia, Staatskapelle  Berlin, Camerata Bern...  

Camerata Bern

The artistic partnership with Camerata Bern is a focus of my interest. Together with our public we want to explore and discover old and new works and concert forms. 

Concertos by Berg, Eötvös, Hersch, Ligeti, Schönberg need a conductor. But others go better without, e.g. Mozart, Beethoven, Hartmann, Frank Martin, Mansurian etc.


Since young years, as far as time allows, e.g. the"Ghiribizzi" for violin and cello written for Vilde Frang and Nicolas Altstaedt. Published by Birdsong Music Publishing 

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